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I had love of painting and drawing since about the age of 11. I was enrolled in a weekly art studio in my neighborhood at that time and experimented with many mediums including chalk, oils, water color and oil pastels. Throughout my teens I also experimented with leather, clay, stone grinding at metal fabrication. I successfully sold pieces of pen and ink scenes on tree conks called bear bread. I painted them with latex and did Alaskan scenes on them. I went to work at age 15 and art took a back seat to making a living. Now at age 57 I have had a successful career in the banking industry, planning to retire this October as a Vice President and Branch Manager. I picked up my brushes again in 2015 and have begun to fully. Embrace my true self as the artist I was meant to be. I am excited to share my Art with all of you! I feel my passion gaining steam as I grow and trust my talent. Thank you for sharing the journey with me.